Great News…

We’re delighted to announce Squid & Tonic have taken over the Sun Parlour Cafe in the Spa Gardens in Ripon!

Please pop and pay us a visit even if it is just to say hello and find out more about our exciting plans or to browse example menus for Cafe in the Park.

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Iconic Street Food & Outside Catering

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 24th July – Pizza night @ Masham Town Hall 5pm til 8pm

Friday 23rd August – Pizza night @ Masham Town Hall 5pm til 8pm

Thursday 19th September – Pizza night @ Studley Village Hall 5pm til 8pm

Friday 20th September – Pizza night @ Masham Town Hall 5pm til 8pm

We are Carol & Paul,

Founders & Owners of Squid & Tonic, Iconic Street Food

Paul, who is a qualified chef with over 30 years industry experience and Carol who has over 20 years experience in customer service and hospitality are the driving force behind our family run business based in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

We are proud to offer our new and existing customers an iconic street food concept!

What is different about Squid and Tonic?

In a market that is incredibly strong and very well represented across the whole of the UK we feel that our product is one that stands out from the crowd and is setting the standard for others to follow.

How do we achieve this claim?

We have an unrivalled passion for our food, our innovation and our customer experience that is very evident once witnessed! Not only are we incredibly enthusiastic about what we do, we are as enthused about how our food is produced.

We fully embrace the need to support local artisan suppliers and independent traders that help our product be so amazing, this ethos shines through in the taste of our food.

Why do we do this?

Having worked for many large successful companies,  we felt we had lost sight of the reason why we entered into this amazing industry. So we decided to do what many only dream of doing and set up our own unique brand. We spent many hours trying to come up with a name that would be interesting and unique and then one day whilst enjoying the summer in our garden bar (with a few drinks to aid the creativity) the penny dropped! Squid & Tonic was born – Initially for the name of our garden bar (now called Squid & Tonic HQ!) but this quickly became the start of an amazing journey and we have never looked back.

What can you expect?

We draw on our time served experience both in our working careers and travel experiences to help us in creating mouth watering dishes for our customers to enjoy, we are not a company that just turns up and serves mediocre food, we spend endless hours ensuring that every element is to the highest standard. Our customers love the fact that we are a little different, not only do we do the classics, we also add our unique spin to our dishes to create an unforgettable taste experience.

We come to you!

As you will see, we have spent a lot of time and effort transforming our vintage horsebox trailer into our amazing street food operation, the trailer is fully equipped to provide a wide variety of food offers and we continuously develop new ideas for our customers to enjoy.

The interior has hand-crafted wood and stainless steel throughout and at the heart of the trailer is our “Big Belly” wood-fired oven, so if you are looking for a unique and eye-catching caterer for your event, then this might just be what you are looking for!

Don’t need our fantastic trailer? Not a problem we can bring our services to you at your location.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a bespoke service, so whatever your event or occasion drop us a message or a call and we will create an experience for you to remember!